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This letter of support is from Dr. Kathy Dawson in response to the International Student's February 3rd email.  She requested the following addition: This letter was written early in the struggle that our school is facing. I do love CTS as an alum and a faculty member and continue to have hope for its future. The work of supporting and walking with our international students is not the work of any one person or office, but is the work of all of us.

Dear Colleagues, 

The Importance of this conversation was brought home to me yet again in the last hour when I had two back-to-back potential student Interviews with candidates in India and Ghana. One potential student mentioned that her greatest fear in coming here is that her culture and personhood would not be accepted and she wondered quite literally "Who will pick me up at the airport when I arrive?'' The other student referred to our CTS mission and vision statement with its focus on diversity as one of the things that prompted him to apply here. Neither of these students have ever studied outside of their home countries. It made me wonder, am I doing the right thing to encourage them to come here at this time?

I am hopeful that we will listen to the voices of our International Students as we seek to support them while they are among us. They teach us so much about God's working in the world and the many barriers they face as they seek to pursue their education in an increasingly hostile America. May we listen and respond. 


Kathy Dawson 

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