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February 7, 2019


We welcomed this year’s incoming class with shirts saying “The revolution will not be televised”. I think we are living into the revolution that we claimed on those bright green shirts.

Hi, I’m Gerlyn; I graduated in 2018. The three years I’ve been at Columbia, I’ve been taught to think radically, act justly and be revolutionary in the world we are sent to be leaders in. Therefore, I’m not surprised that at this time where our seminary has to chosen to dissolve the Office of International Programs, that students are beginning to question if this is just. It’s not surprising that our professors are raising their voices in solidarity. It’s not surprising that a revolution is brewing in our seminary.

Dear Columbia, 

You taught us to be bold, to speak with courage when our voices shake. You taught us how to be imaginative, resilient leaders for God’s changing world. Now, here we are. You have raised the students who are now raising their voices.

I sincerely hope you will listen.

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