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I have a stronger relationship with God because I have a fuller picture of the image of God through the Holy Spirit’s movement at CTS - especially through our international students. The Spirit’s work through our international students helped me to grow in faith, to recognize and correct mistakes in my theology and in my behavior, to wrestle faithfully with important issues, and to open my horizons to search more diligently for diverse expressions of God’s abundance in people and creation. My hope is that in some way, my international colleagues may have experienced some of the same through knowing me. Their voices must be heard so that they can feel at home at CTS. Without them, CTS would not have been home for me. I pray that the concerns outlined in CISA’s petition will be rectified by CTS.

Message written by Rev. Keith Philips.  Also pictured and approving this message from left to right, is Micah Nutter Dowling (MDiv 2016), Khan Honeyghan (MAPT 2016), Garam Han (MDiv/MAPT 2018), Keith Phillips (MDiv/MAPT 2017), & Loann Nguyen (MDiv 2016). This picture was taken in Birmingham, Alabama, in December 2015, just before Khan returned to Jamaica.

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