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When my family and I first came to Columbia Theological Seminary, it was with the understanding that this would be an uncomfortable time for us. We to adjust to a new city, and a new way of life. Moving 82.1 miles (132 km) from a house into a much smaller apartment was only a tiny bit of it.

And I have lived in the state of Georgia all my life.

While I have traveled outside the U.S., I have never made the amazingly brave decision to commit multiple years to living in a country with an unfamiliar language and alien customs; a place that is thousands of miles or kilometers from everything I know.

To the CTS International community. Your presence has enriched both this institution and my life. While I can't fully understand the isolation you feel with the far-reaching changes to your support systems within the seminary, I witness the effect it has and grieve.

To the CTS faculty and staff: Teach us, the student body, what it means to be leaders you envision the church needs. Involve the experts who live the international experience in crafting a solution. Find a yes.

-Michael Gable

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